A person may need care due to loss of health (dementia etc.), depression, disability, old age and any other health related issues or otherwise. If you are willing to take responsibility for someone who cannot not fully care himself or herself, if you enjoy working with people and mostly enjoy jobs where you have one-on-one interaction with others, if you have good bedside manner, effective communication skills, good inter-personal relationship and be patient enough, we offer extensive guide to bringing your dreams to reality. There a many available openings that will offer visa sponsorship to prospective care givers willing to work in the United States.

While the work schedule and responsibilities of a caregiver might be demanding, the financial compensation and handsome remuneration of a caregiver is mouthwatering.


Health/Medication Assistance: 

As a caregiver, you are obligated to help clients take prescribed medications while ensuring dosage is adhered to as directed by professionals (Doctors etc.), monitor and observe possible reaction and side effect, talk to your client’s health care professional if need be, check client’s blood pressure, pulse and temperature at intervals, assist clients with mobility around the house, vicinity and outside (doctor’s appointments, walks etc.). You are also to help client with indoor activities such as physical therapy exercises.

Social/Psychological Support

While you client well-being should remain your priority, providing social support is paramount, you are expected to engage your client in meaningful conversations, give them the reassurance that everything is going to be okay, offer them psychological and emotional support and in general be a pleasant and supportive companion

Personal and Household Assistance:

Household chores is an important aspect of your job as a caregiver. You are to Plan and prepare meals based on your care recipient’s preferences while engaging client with intriguing conversation (this is to carry client along even while discharging your duties). You are to tender drinking, eating, bathing, grooming and toileting assistance to your care recipients if required. 

Cleaning the living room and doing the laundry is another of your personal care job as a caregiver. Other household chores might include, mopping floors, cleaning bathrooms, making beds, washing windows and floor, washing dishes, cleaning the kitchen countertop, dusting and vacuuming the upholstery, bathing the pets (as dogs and cats etc.).

Whereas, when need for shopping at the grocery store arises, you as a caregiver is expected to handle your client shopping with care based on your client’s preferred choice and dietary.

Personal Supervision and Record Keeping

As a caregiver diligently discharging your duty will require you to be a meticulous record keeper, you are expected to keep detailed record of every care tendered to your care recipient, report any observable change in your client condition, (improvement or decline) while communicating every detail with client’s family members and healthcare providers.

Quick Emergency Response:

Unexpected medical emergencies may arise while you manage your client, it is your duty to be quick and always prepared to respond swiftly to avoid further escalation. As a caregiver, make sure a safety protocols are always adhered to by your care receiver and emergency procedures always in place.


Some level of educational background, professional certificates and other application prerequisites are needed to become a caregiver. The following are the application prerequisites:

Educational Qualification: A degree in nursing assistance, home management or other care related field is an added advantage to your application as many employers prefer applicants who are relatively qualified.

However, a good number of employers still accept application from applicants with high school diploma or its equivalent.

Professional Qualifications: Having professional qualifications is an added advantage and it gives you an edge over other applicants. Boost your level of certification and qualification by take more online courses. Get more professional certification to increase your qualification and chances of securing a job with visa sponsorship. You can enroll to most caregiver certifications and training programs can be taken from the following trainers.

  1. Care Academy
  2. Caregiverlist Training University
  3. HealthCare Interactive
  4. Caregiver Training Institute
  5. National Association for Home Care & Hospice (NAHC) 
  6. National Caregiver Certification Association (NCCA)


  • Excellent communication skills
  • Proficient in the use of computer
  • Good side manner
  • Swift emergency response
  • Time management skills
  • Empathy and compassion 
  • Timely problem-solving skill etc.


(Application Process, Steps and Overview)

It is basically the same application steps for all caregiver job in the United States

  1. Early search.

Early search through the underlisted website and other application portals will help you navigate swiftly through the caregiver job and increase your chances of landing a job if the application prerequisites are met. While searching for suiting caregiver job, it is paramount to search using important search techniques which will help you.

  1. Application Site 

There are list of companies looking for prospective applicants who are interested in caregiving to sponsor to the United States and they include:

  • Carers4America
  • Arion Care Solutions, LLC
  • Broadway Home Care
  • 1+1 Cares Company
  • Right At Home
  • Fallon Health 
  • ComForCare
  • Voyage Care
  • SevaCare
  • Comfort Keepers
  1. Application Guideline: 

You will have to read and follow the application guideline carefully, look out for required documents, eligibility criteria, word limits and application deadline.

  1. Application Documents:

Prepare your Resume/Curriculum Vitae, process your recommendation letters, tailor your statement of purpose and Scholarship Essay to align with the job description and prepare other relevant documents

NB: Other documents might be required depending on the company you are applying to.

  1. Go through your applications before final submission: 

Check through your application for errors in grammar and spelling; make sure your writing is clear, factual and concise. Your application process should be inline with the application instruction as advertised, all spaces with asterisks (*) must be filled and necessary documents attached.

  1. Follow-Up

After following these simple steps and having successfully submitted your application, ensure you follow up your application as only shortlisted applicants/candidates will be contacted.


You may wish to Obtain certification in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and basic first aid to Level up your professional qualification. In this world of endless possibilities, we hope this application guide helps you find hope in navigating through caregiver job search and increase your chances of getting your dream job. 

Best of luck!



While the work schedule and responsibilities of a caregiver might be demanding, the financial compensation and handsome remuneration of a caregiver is mouthwatering.

Elder care jobs or caregivers in the United States under a sponsored visa, foreign nationals often make between $9.50 and $30.00 per hour. This translates to a salary that ranges from $44,725 and $84,853 per annum. 

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