USA’s Cheapest Universities: A List of the Most Affordable Colleges

Selecting a college to attend can be a difficult life decision. It’s no secret that college costs are rising, so you should frequently apply to more than just the least expensive schools when considering your academic loans and grants options.

If you want to reduce your tuition costs, the following is a list of the most affordable institutions in the United States, ranked by the total amount of tuition.

Most Affordable University in USA

1. The University of Washington

Washington University is in Seattle, Washington. It has campuses in Seattle, Bothell, and Tacoma, where it does business. With more than 12,000 degrees granted each year, UW is among the more affordable colleges in the United States.

The university is renowned for its initiatives and worldwide impact on research and education. At an average tuition of $12,001 per year, UW is among the least expensive state colleges in the United States. With 135 undergraduate programmes offered, the school boasts an 83% graduation rate.

2. New York’s CUNY Brooklyn College

In 1961, Brooklyn College became a component of City University, a system in New York. It is regarded as New York’s first liberal arts institution which is not private. More than 18,000 students are enrolled in 75 programmes at the College College. 

For thousands of graduates, the College College is a successful tunnel. With a reasonable annual tuition of $3000, it’s among the most economical universities in the United States. A minimum of 1000 on the SAT or the ACT is needed for first-time applicants.

3. West Lafayette, Purdue University

Purdue is a non-private research university in Indiana founded in 1869 that can accommodate up to 43,000 students. Its online platform offers graduate and undergraduate degrees that are affordable for everyone. 

As one of the most affordable public colleges, it helps students save money on tuition by providing credit for job experience. Along with offering financial aid, grants, and scholarships to roughly 46% of new students, the school also offers discounts to employees of partner institutions, with an annual tuition of $12,527.

4. Gainesville, Florida University

With an average annual tuition cost of $8,057, The University of Florida is frequently ranked as the third-largest college in the Sunshine State. 

This places it at the top of the US universities with lower tuition. With more than 52,000 students, it provides over 200 graduate and 100 undergraduate courses. UF offers some of the most noteworthy business, engineering, and marketing programmes. With an 87% graduation rate, UF is a regionally accredited university.

5. Oklahoma State University

Oklahoma State University is home to almost 35,000 students; you may be one of them. Located in the somewhat expanded city of Stillwater, this non-private land-grant institution was founded in 1890. 

With an online presence, OSU offers around 200 graduate and 300 undergraduate courses across its five campus sites.

OSU is among the least costly institutions in the United States, with an average tuition of $14,878,778. Most of its 30 online master’s degrees don’t require campus attendance. The university is certified regionally by the Higher Learning Commission and has a 61% graduation rate.

6. Chapel Hill University of North Carolina

The University of North Carolina is regarded as the nation’s oldest non-private university. Every year, it provides approximately 19,000 students with an affordable education. The CollegeCollege is called a “Public Ivy,” a circumstance in which a public university offers an Ivy League degree.

Constantly committed to accessibility and affordability, UNC, as it is also known, is one of the most affordable institutions in the United States. The average annual tuition for this institution is $13,918. 

With an average SAT score of 1,350, UNC has a well-known 24% acceptance rate and is regionally accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.

7. Long Beach State University of California

More than 37,000 students have been enrolled at California State University, Long Beach, both online and at its main campus in Southern California. The university is regarded as one of the least expensive in the USA, with an average yearly cost of $8,982, and its graduates have excellent earning potential.

Seven PhDs, 146 master’s, and 74 bachelor’s degrees are available through the Cal State Online portal. Students in hybrid and online modes will fully complete these courses. Regionally accredited by the WASC Senior College and University Commission is CSULB.

8. Los Angeles’ California State University

With its eight schools and 26,000 students, this Los Angeles institution offers 300 programmes. The CollegeCollege is the second-oldest institution in the State University System of California. 

The graduate programmes in social work, teaching, and counseling are the most renowned at the institution. At $4,175 per year, Cal State LA is committed to providing an accessible and affordable education. 

More than half of its undergraduate students are eligible for tuition exemptions, and 84% get financial assistance. For a wide range of pupils, our online platform offers substantial degrees. The WASC has granted Cal State LA regional accreditation.

9. Illinois University in Chicago

The only non-private research institute in the state is the University of Illinois at Chicago. It was founded in 1982 when two distinct institutions merged. On average, the annual tuition at the institution is $13,301. It has a med school, a renowned hospital system, and sixteen disparate academic colleges.

UIC offers 86 undergraduate degrees in the liberal arts, sciences, and arts. The College College provides fifteen online courses for business administration, mathematics, and English undergraduates. 

Through its online stackable programmes, students can earn credits towards advanced or bachelor’s degrees that they can utilize again. The Higher Learning Commission is regionally accredited UIC and boasts a graduation rate of 67%.

10. Mississippi’s Alcorn State University

ASU was founded in 1871 in Mississippi’s Claiborne County to serve the children of emancipated slaves. Presently, it offers more than 50 degree programmes to more than 4,000 students from diverse ethnic origins.

The college is one of the most affordable universities in the USA, with an annual tuition fee of about $6,888 for overseas students. Students can spend a semester in South America or Africa, engaging in conferences with international organizations to enhance the quality of life for individuals in poor countries.

Final Words 

If you still think these schools are too expensive, you can apply to community colleges. They are less costly and enable students to gain skills relevant to careers. That is if you are okay with a four-year institution’s lower educational prospects and lack of status.

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